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We at Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. feel that preventative care is the foundation for a long healthy life for your horse. Emphasis on annual physical examinations including overall health checks, dental evaluations, parasite control and necessary vaccinations will be the cornerstone of care your horse will receive from Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. This health care program will help maintain your horse in peak condition and minimize the chance of unexpected, life threatening illnesses.

To compliment this care, Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. has designed an Equine Wellness Package to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their horse(s) are receiving the best preventative health care on a regular and timely basis. One annual fee will cover the cost of physical examinations, routine dental work, and routine vaccinations. This is a convenient way for both owner and veterinarian to keep track of your horse's care.

With this combination of good quality care from both owner and veterinarian, we at Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. feel your horse will be able to live with the best quality of life possible.