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Dr. Danah Nuest and staff are very excited about integrating several new ideas into our fully mobile equine practice. This practice will combine good quality, preventative medicine to the area horse population while providing the convenience of a portable, computerized office. Your horse's full medical history, diagnostics and invoicing will be at the doctor's fingertips where they should be.

Thanks for visiting Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. at our website while we develop it into a source of information for the area horse enthusiasts. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter and learn more about your horse's health and receive current information on the latest news and events in the area. Take advantage of our internet capability and receive the newsletters online or ask the veterinarian questions online. Inquire about our Equine Wellness Packages allowing us to provide your horse with annual preventative care. These are just some of the exciting services Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. has to offer.

Greener Pastures Veterinary Clinic, Inc. looks forward to becoming your primary care veterinarian and providing you and your horse with the care you deserve.