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The following files are available to download in a pdf document. To view these forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is provided free from Adobe, please click here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Emergency Kit (English), Emergency Kit (Spanish)
Enclosed in the kit you will find a compilation of medication and products that will enable you to help your horse in an emergency situation until veterinary care arrives. The kit is in no way promoting you to treat your horse in an emergency situation without medical supervision. You are always free to call us if there are any questions or if you need advice or further medical attention for your horse.

Emergency Consent Form
This form will help you and your care givers to decide how to handle emergency situations.

Wellness Package
Download a flyer explaining the Wellness Package.


Interesting Web Sites:
Here are a few sites that we thought you might enjoy checking out. If you know of any other interesting ones, please let us know.


This is a website that will give you the best days each month according to the Farmer's Almanac to do certain things. The ones I get most questions about are the best days to castrate horses or the best days to wean foals from the mares. Some people swear by it.



If anyone would like information about Pfizer's Preventicare Program you can check this website out for more information. This is a program that will reimburse the cost of a necessary colic surgery (up to $5000) if your horse is accepted into their wellness program and you use their daily dewormer. It's a real nice program and worth checking out.



I saw this service the other day in a magazine and thought it looked interesting. I don't know of anyone that has actually tried it or not but from what I understand you can custom order your horse's supplements in small sealed packages that can easily be opened and added to your horse's ration everyday. It looks to be especially interesting for people who board their horses and need to rely on others to add the correct supplement to their horse's diet. Check it out and let me know if anyone tries it.